The Day After Never - Ebook.jpg

Ben Travers is missing. And Ben Travers needs to find him.

Returning home from his harrowing adventures through time, Ben just wants a normal life with the girl he loves, but tying up the loose threads of his fragmented existence is proving more difficult than he ever suspected. Someone is attacking time travel labs—threatening the safety of the Quickly family—and Ben is getting messages from a version of himself that he thought was dead.

When a strange cult of consciousness-shifting time travelers called The Eternals begins to worm its way into the past—endangering the very nature of time and space—Ben will have to solve the mystery of his own disappearance to stop them. He’ll journey farther into time than he’s ever been before, to protect the family and friends he has come to love, and to discover his own inevitable destiny.

Join Ben and Mym in this third novel in the In Times Like These time travel adventure series.

Either of the first two books in the series may be enjoyed independently, but this book is best enjoyed as the 3rd in the series.